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Jun 06 2012

DFW Induction: Day 1

How excited am I? SO EXCITED!

Today was so busy! I made it all the way to the end of my street before I remembered that I hadn’t gotten my SSC last night, but after that 3-minute setback we were on our way! I braved the hordes of fresh-faced corps members and got all of my paperwork checked off, and then tried to kill time in my room.

When I realized that wasn’t going to work, I changed and headed to the cafeteria and graced a group of my corps members with my presence. And then I just stayed at that same table for an hour or so as people got up and moved around me. I met a lot of people that way, and it helped me recognize a bunch of faces for our activities for the rest of the day!

We never stopped  - classes, discussions, a wonderful dinner, study sessions and cookies with our TTLs made for a grand day out! At our cookies and milk social so many people kept saying how tired they were. My thought was “how can you be tired?!? Aren’t you EXCITED?!?” But then I realized that I was my third cookie in and that could have something to do with it…

Except not really. Being here today reminded me why I wanted to be involved with Teach for America. All the work and the problems and the stress and the fear that have been building up caused me to forget. But we’re doing something great, we are making a difference. I get to help change children’s lives! How lucky am I?

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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